Air Guitar

Air Guitar


This Air Guitar allows you to jam out like a true rock star! Mastering the guitar can take a lot of time and practice. For those that want to hit the ground running, pick up the air guitar and easily play along with your favorite songs.

The infrared sensor detects your hand strumming motion while your other hand pushes the right chord combinations on our axe. The air guitar plays all chords in major, sharp, flat and seventh arrangements.

Play along with any song using the built in speaker. The air guitar includes 10 preset songs that you can play along with. The external amplifiers connects to any music player so you can play along with your favorite songs.

If you're not ready for the entire world to hear your shredding skills, you can connect your headphones with the earphone jack for private playing.

The guitar's headstock is available in either red or black colors. The air guitar is a great gadget for musicians, and others destined to become future rock stars.