Camouflage Toilet Paper

Camouflage Toilet Paper


This Camouflage Toilet Paper is the ultimate toilet paper for camping, hunting, and more. When you're roughing it, it simply doesn't get any more manly than this.

Why take along the boring while roll of toilet paper? If you're out in the woods sleeping with nature, foraging for food, and needing to take care of business, the camo toilet paper has you covered.

This stealthy camo toilet paper allows you to answer the call of nature without alerting others to your presence, although we can't guarantee this toilet paper will mask the scent while doing your duty.

While fully functional, the camouflage toilet paper roll also works well for gag gifts. Perfect for the outdoorsman or military member. The three color camouflage design pattern is printed continuously on the 200 sheet 2 ply roll. It fits any US toilet paper holder. The camo toilet paper is biodegrade and safe.