Cat Silhoutte Cat Shelves

Cat Silhoutte Cat Shelves


These Cat Silhouette Cat Shelves are perfect for the cat lover. The set includes 3 cat shelves so the single cat or entire cat colony can enjoy climbing around in the house.

Cats love to climb as high as they can. With the included hardware, you can mount the cat shelving as various increments, providing them hours of entertainment all while keeping them off your furniture.

The shelves come with 3 different cat poses: gaze, perch, and pose. The cat silhouette cat shelves are laser-cut from high-grade steel and powder-coated in the following colors: white, black, titanium gray, beige, red, and blue.

Each shelf measures 20 inches high by 22.5 inches long by 12 inches wide. An 11.5 inch by 22 inch plush pad attaches to each metal shelf by a magnetic backing, giving your cats 3 plush areas to play.

The heavy duty wall anchors included support up to 50 pounds on each shelf. Simply install the provided anchors into the studs or sturdy frame, attach the shelves, and it's ready to go. The cat silhouette cat shelving is purrfect for multi-cat homes.