Condiment Gun

Condiment Gun


This Condiment Gun provides a creative way to apply condiments to hamburgers, hot dogs, and other tasty foods. The red and yellow colored gun dispenses ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, Mayo, salad dressings, and any other condiment you'd like to disperse.

The package includes the condiment gun and two reusable condiment cartridges, one red and one yellow. People have been arguing for years about whether ketchup or mustard is better. Let the condiment gun decide and open fire on your food!

The gun is perfect for your next cookout, birthday party, or celebration. Be careful, the gun only loads one condiment at a time, so be sure to choose wisely! Alternatively, order a few condiment guns and fill them up with all of your favorite condiments.

The gun measures 8.78 inches wide by 6.10 inches tall by 2.10 inches long and is constructed from high grade plastic.