Duffle Bag Of Prop Money

Duffle Bag Of Prop Money


This Duffle Bag Of Money looks so real you can almost smell the real cash. Don't settle for cheesy prop money, this is the best.

Whether you're just trying to trick family and friends or use it in film production, you deserve the best prop money.

To appear real, the prop money looks worn and distressed, edges are torn, stacks are stained, appear water damaged, and show wear and tear from normal use.

Each duffle bag of money contains $500,000 in cash from 50 stacks of $100 prop money. The stacks inside the duffle bag are processed with a water-based solution and stained for visual effects. Each prop stack is different because of the unique stain pattern.

The fake money stack consists of 1 color one-sided top prints and 1 color one-sided back prints with blank filler paper in between. The print is based on Series 2000s $100 bills, totaling $500,000 in cash.

This prop money is designed for advertising, photography, media productions and tricks. It will not pass as real currency and should not be used as such.