Earth Globe Fire Pit

Earth Globe Fire Pit


This Earth Globe Fire Pit is a custom handmade piece that is sure to wow family and friends. This unique fir pit is made in the USA, with 0.25 inch thick steel. It measures 36 inches round and weighs 275 pounds.

Each Globe Fire Pit is truly an art piece. The Third Rock Fire Pit is individually signed and numbered by its designer, Rick Wittrig. The exterior has an iron oxide finish/patina which will darken a little with time and then become permanent.. The interior is coated with a high temperature resistant paint

The rain drain located in the bottom is 1.5 inches in diameter, so that any weather-related precipitation easily drains and doesn't damage the fire pit.

Whether you're stressed or hungry for action, some days you just want to set the world on fire. Now you can, with the Earth Globe Fire Pit!