Fake Money Stacks

Fake Money Stacks


These Fake Money Stacks are perfect for faking it until you make it. As a joke, toss them at your friend or drop one on an unsuspecting coworkers desk like you've just won the lottery!

Every order includes 10 stacks of fake prop money. Each stack includes USD currency $100 bills that feature a used, distressed, and worn look making them look as real as possible. These stacks do not contain counterfeit USD currency, as the fake money is clearly marked "For Motion Picture Use Only."

The fake money stacks are professionally water dyed and stained. Each stack includes 1 color 1 sided top print and 1 color 1 sided back print, with blank filler paper in between. The colors and designs are HD quality, making them great for the camera and the most realistic available on the market today.

The fake paper money pairs well along side the Cash Cannon Money Gun. Load up some real money and make it rain while showing others you've got more money than you know what to do with.