Gibson Memory Cable

Gibson Memory Cable


This Gibson Memory Cable can record over 13 hours of audio playing, so you never lose that inspirational song or riff you just wrote. The smart cable has an 8 hour battery life from a rechargeable of AA battery.

Simply plug the cable into you guitar and amp like you normally would, press a button and start playing. While you are playing, the Gibson memory cable is recording all of the information onto the provided 4GB Micro SD card.

The uncompressed recording has CD quality 44.1kHz 16-bit fidelity. You can upgrade the memory capacity by using a larger SD card. The memory cable also works with keyboards, bass, electronic drums—even a mixer bus output to record a rehearsal session.

To listen to what you recorded, simply transfer the audio to your computer or smartphone using the SD card. The memory cable from Gibson GC-R05 also includes a microSD-to-SD adapter.

The ultra-simple user interface allows you to focus on what you're good at, creating music. A reference card with instructions is provided. This is a perfect gift for the musician that loves to travel.