High Definition Video Pen

High Definition Video Pen


Act like a ninja with the High Definition Video Pen. This ballpoint pen captures HD video and still images with the built-in video camera. The 2 MegaPixel image sensor can capture up to 2 hours of AVI video or thousands of high resolution JPEG images on the included 8GB memory card.

If secured in a pocket, the pen's color camera lens will be located just above the pocket, making it ideal for capturing every secret moment. A microphone is located underneath the clip, keeping it hidden and out of suspecting eyes. All video and images are stored on the memory card, which allow you to include dates and time-stamps if desired.

Connect the the video pen to your USB port with the included cable to charge it and easily download all images and videos to computer without additional software. The HD video records 30 frames per second in a 1280 x 720 resolution.

The included lithium battery provides up to 2 hours of power before requiring a recharge via USB or AC adapter. The video pen includes a nice leather carrying case, perfect for traveling or keeping the pen hidden while safe and secure.