iTwin Connect VPN

iTwin Connect VPN


This iTwin Connect allows you to create your own private virtual private network (VPN). For those in the tech field, this is a game changer. Avoid the hassle of a VPN server, and take a hardware approach to secure Web browsing via a VPN service with the iTwin.

To create your own private VPN, simply plug one iTwin into a computer or server in the network. Then, detach the second identical half and plug it into your laptop or computer via USB. With a single click, you now can access your entire network including network servers and printers.

By using your own private VPN through iTwin, you can have unrestricted Internet access when content is restricted during travel. Use the VPN tunnel to teleport to your home or office PC and access the Internet through that computer.

Alternatively, if you don't want to keep your home or office computer turned on, you can use Public VPN servers available through iTwin.

The private VPN setup only takes 60 seconds to configure and you're up and running. The iTwin requires no configuration of IP addresses, DNS, routers or NATs.

You can feel safe using the 100% network privacy features of iTwin to comfortably browse the web and access your remote files from anywhere Internet service is available.