JamStik MIDI iPad Guitar

JamStik MIDI iPad Guitar


This JamStik MIDI iPad Guitar allows you to turn your iPad, iPhone or Mac into a real musical instrument. The product is mobile friendly, take it anywhere while you travel. It connects wirelessly via WiFi, no cable is necessary.

Easily learn how to play guitar with the included JamTutor app. The strings are real, the frets are real, and no tuning is required! The JamStik guitar measures just over 15 inches long, which allows you to easily fit it in a backpack or suitcase.

There are 6 strings and 5 frets. The performance D-pad on the JamStik gives access to over twice the note range of a 21 fret guitar. Even in it's small footprint, the JamStik can cover a wide range of notes.

Anywhere your mobile device can go, the JamStik can go. Start creating music anywhere today!