LED Car Interior Lighting Kit

LED Car Interior Lighting Kit


Having trouble seeing inside your car? Whether it's early mornings or late nights, this LED Interior Lighting Kit will help illuminate your interior and add custom style to your ride at an affordable price.

Manufactured by LEDGlow, this 4 piece kit offers a total of 72 ultra-bright, wide angle LEDs housed in four 9 inch tubes. Each of the tubes has 6 feet of power wire, allowing you to easily mount the light under your dashboard, seets or in the foot wells using the supplied mounting brackets.

The control box provides a various array of programmable options, including solid color modes, 3 fading modes, 3 strobing modes, 1 scan mode, and 1 sound-activation mode. The sound-activation mode allows this LED interior lighting kit to react to the beat of the music playing inside of your vehicle with a built in microphone, and the sensitivity is easily adjusted with a wheel that is located on the side of the control box.

This interior LED lighting kit also features a bypass function that allows it to illuminate when your vehicle’s doors are opened by connecting the power wire to your door opening switch giving your vehicle a completely custom look.

This interior light kit can be powered by any 12 volt source or LEDGlow’s Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter allows you to easily power any LED lighting kits directly from your vehicles cigarette lighter receptacle. Just connect the power and ground from your kit to the power and ground wires on the adapter and plug it in!