LIFX Wi-Fi Light Bulb

LIFX Wi-Fi Light Bulb


The Wi-Fi Lightbulb from LIFX is a wireless enabled, multi-color energy efficient LED light bulb that you can control with your smartphone. Available with a white or gun metal gray base, the top of the light bulb can be changed to any color from your phone.

The light bulb consumes 17 watts at full brightness. If you keep it at the average setting of 50% brightness, it only consumes 8.5 watts. At maximum brightness, it measures 1,017 lumens, similar to the brightness of a 75 watt incandescent light bulb, but with 4 to 8 times greater efficiency.

The LIFX Wi-Fi Bulb is rated to last 40,000 hours. If you use it 4 hours per day, it will last 27 years! The software controlled multi-colored LED is easily dimmed through the smartphone app. It's capable of displaying 16 million colors and a white light kelvin range of 2700-8000K.

At 4 hours use per day, your LIFX bulb will pay for itself in 4-5 years and will reduce green house emissions by 80Kg per year.

Check out the demo video below: