LighterBro Lighter Sleeve

LighterBro Lighter Sleeve


This LighterBro lighter sleeve is a multi-function tool that allows you to be the coolest smoker on the block. Constructed from 100% imported Japanese 420 stainless steel and polished to a shiny finish, the LighterBro saves you time and space in your pocket.

The sleeve includes a super sharp knife, spring-action scissors, bottle opener, micro-screwdriver, and key-ring attachment. All items are spring loaded for quick use in a moments notice.

The knife can easily open packages and boxes, and quickly cuts through tough rope. The sharp scissors can be used to cut thread, cloth, paper, and trim your nails. The bottle open saves you time from searching for a bottle opener when you really need it. The Micro Screwdriver is size 000, which is perfect for eye glasses and repairing small electronics and phones.

The LighterBro multi-tool is manufactured using 100% imported Japanese 420 Stainless Steel and highly polished to a mirror finish. Available in a variety of color finishes and logos, including Silver and Gold, with a money symbol or logo icon.