Mighty Handle

Mighty Handle


This Mighty Handle is perfect for the man that always needs to bring the grocery bags in at once. We all know shopping for groceries can be a hassle and you want to get them immediately in the house, especially if you have a distance to walk inside or up a flight of stairs.

Make less trips with the Mighty Handle! This blue and green colored handle is durable and designed to carry multiple bags or objects at a single time to reduce trips. It works well for shopping, getting dry cleaning, camping, holiday parties, and more.

Mighty Handle also prevents spills with its unique Twist-LockTM feature. Simply place your bags in the trunk, twist the Mighty Handle twice and fold the handle down. A sudden stop or speed bump will never wreak havoc on your fresh tomatoes or fragile eggs again!

The Mighty Handle weighs just 0.13 pounds. Each order includes 2 Mighty Handles for one low price.