Moto 360 SmartWatch

Moto 360 SmartWatch


This Moto 360 SmartWatch from Motorola is a new cutting edge LCD touch screen watch, designed to help you easily monitor status updates at a glance. In addition to keeping precise time, the smartwatch pairs with any Android device running 4.3 or higher to keep you up to date with your social interactions.

Monitor text messages, Facebook alerts, sports scores and other information from apps in the Google Play store. Get discreet alerts with the vibration setting.

Have questions you can't answer? Moto 360 responds to your voice. Simply say them into the Moto 360 and it will use search engine technology to help you find the answer you seek.

The Moto 360 can also track your health and fitness, by keeping track of your heart rate, count of the number of steps taken during the day, distance walked, and calories burned.

The Moto 360 features a 1.56 inch LCD touch screen, which is scratch-resistant thanks to Coming Gorilla glass. The watch is encased in stainless steel and includes a finely crafted genuine leather band from Horween. Available with a black leather or stone leather band.