Moto Hint Wireless Earbud

Moto Hint Wireless Earbud


The Moto Hint Wireless Earbud is a comfortable in ear sensor for smartphone call routing. Using bluetooth technology, this wireless earbud features an ergonomic fit for long-term use with most smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices..

Receive notifications and make calls wirelessly from up to 150 feet away from your device using the Motorola Moto Hint 89765N Bluetooth earbud. The wireless earbud also uses wind and noise canceling technology to help ensure your call will be heard both indoors and outdoors.

In ear sensors automatically turn the earbud on when you place it in your ear and off when you remove it. This works great while driving, or while hands free dealing with groceries, kids, and more.

The included chargeable case provides an extra 8 hours of battery life, for a total of 10 hours of talking time on a single charge. The kit includes the Moto Hint Wireless Earbud, charging case, charging cable, and ear gels.