RF Bug Detector

RF Bug Detector


Tired of thinking people are spying on you or tracking your every move? Stop worrying and pick up this Professional RF Bug Detector!

The multi-channel, professional grade device is a reliable tool for tracing different digital transmissions, including GSM, Bluetooth, and other wireless transmissions from cellphones and GPS devices.

The bug detector will detect the following kinds of bugging devices:
- GSM baby monitors
- GSM alarms
- GSM bugs
- video cameras
- spy phones
- GPS trackers
- Bluetooth bugging devices

Most common RF bug detectors scan cannot properly detect weak and non-continuous signals such as Bluetooth or WiFi because they are spread along a wide frequency range, usually 3 or 6-7 GHz.

Even more powerful signals like GSM-1800 are hard to detect due to the low sensitivity at higher frequency ranges.

The Protect 1207i contains 6 separate bar graph to show the signal strength of each detection type. Each signal has 10 segments to show the strength. It also includes an attenuator button to use when honing in on a signal. The RF bug detector has various detecting modes, including silent, listen, visual and vibration mode.

The RF bug detector has a detection range of 30 feet, and can be used for 10-15 hours while powered on 2 AAA batteries.

The kit includes the detector, 2 antennas, 2 AAA batteries, a screwdriver, cleaning cloth and manual.