ResQ Tire Repair

ResQ Tire Repair


The ResQ Tire Repair Kit offers you a quick temporary repair solution when you puncture a tire. The product provides ease of use, so that you can continue on to your final destination.

Simply hook up the ResQ Pro and it will release a gel sealant inside the tire to fill the puncture and the encompassed compressor inflates the flat tire within 4-6 minutes (depending on wheel size).

This flat tire repair kit will repair gashes and punctures up to 6 mm wide. The 11 foot cord allows ample room to stretch from your 12 volt cigarette lighter to your tire's valve stem.

The kit includes the compressor with built in pressure gauge, ball and bike adapters, one replaceable sealant cartridge and a mesh storage bag. The ResQ Pro compressor will inflate a small car tire in 4 minutes and a medium sized car tire in 6 minutes.