Robotic Lawn Mower

Robotic Lawn Mower


This Robotic Lawn Mower from WORX is an unmanned mowing machine that makes keeping your lawn cut at the right height a breeze. Welcome to the future of lawn mowing! You can hand over that annoying weekly job of maintaining your lawn. The robot lawn mower can run 7 days a week to keep your lawn meticulously manicured.

The whisper quiet operation enables you to program the robot for operation during day or night, so you can wake up to a freshly mowed lawn every morning. The WORX Landroid lawn mower cuts narrow passages and up to 20 degree inclines with precision. The shock sensor sensor system allows the lawn robot to mow around obstacles in your yard, and will automatically return the robot to the base to avoid rain.

The lawn mowing robot is environmentally friendly and has zero emissions, running off of a 28V rechargeable battery. Don't let it fool you though, the robotic lawn mower is heavy duty, measuring 22 inches by 15 inches by 9.5 inches and weighing 36 lbs. It's easy to setup and deploy, and will return to the base once finished.

By cutting your yard daily, the lawn robot will make minimal cuts which improves the health of your grass, providing fine mulch to feed your lawn. The intelligence algorithm will ensure the lawn robot covers every area of your lawn. Use the provided 590 feet of perimeter wire and 200 installation pegs to set boundaries. You can create a small trench to bury the wire, or allow the grass to grow over the wire that sits on the top of the ground.