Sleeping Bag Hammock

Sleeping Bag Hammock


This Sleeping Bag Hammock from Grand Trunk is designed for a relaxing night's rest in a tree. The mummy-style design is insulated with Thinsulate insulation, keeping you snug down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Perfect for backpacking, overnight camping trips, and other outdoor events, the sleeping bag hammock is a unique way to sleep outdoors.

The bungee cord loop at the bottom cinches the bag around the hammock, keeping cold air out. The full-length left and right zippers offer ventilation and let you get in from either side.

Easily carry the sleeping bag hammock snugly around your shoulder with the hook-and-loop closure tab at the top. The interior contains two pockets for safely storing valuables.

The sleeping bag hammock measures 88 inches long and 34 inches wide and weighs 2 pounds 10 ounces. The outside is constructed from nylon and filled with Thinsulate.