Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane


This Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane from PowerUp will allow your paper airplane to fly up to 180 feet in a single launch. Simply attach the the device to any existing airplane and control tilting and maneuvering left and right from your compatible smartphone or tablet using the provided app.

The package includes the paper airplane motor, Bluetooth technology to control the airplane, a micro USB cable for charging, as well as a spare propeller and rudder

The battery level indicator on the app shows the charging status.indicator, range indicator, and air traffic control attribute. The crash resistant design makes sure that the smartphone controlled paper airplane stays intact.

School teachers can use the motorized airplane to educate students about the basic principles of aerodynamics, flight, and lift.

The Bluetooth enabled paper airplane version 3.0 measures 7.5 inches by 0.7 inches by 1.5 inches. The app is currently available for the Phone 4S, iPhone 5,5S and 5C, iPod touch (5th Gen. or newer), iPad (3rd Gen. or newer), iPad Air, iPad Mini, as well as any Android enabled device running 4.3 or newer. Other devices may be compatible in the near future.