Smartphone Deadbolt Lock

Smartphone Deadbolt Lock


This Smart Deadbolt Lock from Danalock allows you to lock or unlock your door from your smartphone. Compatible with iOS and Android, this deadbolt door lock will allow you to avoid jumbling through your pockets to find your keys. Don't worry, if your phone is dead, you can still manually unlock the lock with your standard key.

Simply retrofit your existing lock with the provided smart lock assembly. It installs overtop of the existing lock, providing the patented, highest level of encrypted security available from Danalock.

For the man that's constantly forgetting or losing his keys, this is a great product. If you've got a lot of items to carry in the house, unlock the door from your car and bring everything in one trip without trying to fumble for your keys.

You also have detailed monitoring capabilities. Monitor all of the lock and unlock activities via your smartphone or web browser to see who has entered or left your house.

Grant access from anywhere in the world. You can send others limited or unlimited access keys to your home, vacation house, or office while keeping track of who enters and when.

The battery status is also logged, sending you an alert when it is running low. Average battery life is 1 year. The 4 CR123 batteries that are required are included. The Danalock BT100BC is available in silver and black.