Solar Panel Battery

Solar Panel Battery


This Solar Panel Battery from Aspect Solar is a great product for camping, and spending time outdoors in a remote location. Go off the grid with the SunSocket Duo Flex!

The Duo Flex opens up to expose two solar panels, allowing you to fully charge two devices at a time via USB. The rugged product includes 4 clips to hang the solar panels from your chair, the side of your tent, or anywhere you can string it.

The included battery takes 10 hours to fully charge from the power of the sun. Alternatively, use the provided power cord to charge the battery before you leave for your trip.

The product weighs 1.5 pounds and measures 27.2 inches by 11 inches by 0.6 inches when deployed vertical and 18.1 inches by 15 inches 0.6 inches when deployed horizontal.

This Solar Panel Battery will power mobile devices, GPS systems, LED lighting, and more. Harness the power of the sun and don't be stuck with a dead phone on your next trip.