Step Ups Shoe Insoles

Step Ups Shoe Insoles


These Step-Ups are the ideal product for any man looking to gain a few inches in height. Tired of being too short? Walk even taller and more confidently with the boost that just a bit of extra height can give you.

Made of flexible polyurethane, Step-Ups are new premium insoles that work with any pair of shoes. They're comfortable and fit perfectly inside each shoe, so no one will ever know your secret.

With these shoe inserts, people will notice something different about you when you walk taller, but not so much that you'll feel uncomfortable or awkward

Step-Ups wick away and absorb moisture to keep your feet cool, dry, and comfortable no matter where your feet take you.

Whether you're having trouble seeing at concerts, getting rejected on dates for being too short, or simply want to feel more confident, check out these premium insoles to add two inches to your height overnight.

BONUS: There's even a secret compartment in the sole that only you know exists. It's a sneaky perk to being taller!