The Man's Book

The Man's Book


The Man's Book is the essential guide for the modern man. Written by Thomas Fink, this 240 page hardback book will make you are modern and manly in today's world, which isn't always easy.

Maybe you don't know how to tie a bow-tie, mix a martini, or craft a potato gun. When are you supposed to get married? How are you supposed to break up? What's the difference between a bock beer and a bitter?

Do you know which urinal to choose or how to start a fire with a Coke can? How can you woo women like 007?

Answers to these questions and more are provided in this essential man guide. From the morning wet shave to the whiskey night cap and everything in between, there are hundreds are difference topics for the modern man to know.

Organized by subject in a man-logical way, it's the go-to guide for anyone with a Y chromosome.