The Paw Wash Dog Cleaner

The Paw Wash Dog Cleaner


The Paw Wash is the perfect tool to use when you need to clean your dog's dirty paws. This product also works well with cats and other animals, if you can get them to comply!

Washing man's best friend can be a task. Dogs are always getting dirty, so this just provides an easier way to give your dog a bath, instead of putting him or her in the bathtub.

Simply fill the paw wash with a mixture of your desired soap and water. Then, gently insert the animal's paw into the soapy mixture and swirl it around.

The soapy water will gently cleanse the paw removing the majority of the dirt and grime and leaving it in the container. Remove the paw and the squeegee lid will contain the water in the canister. Use the provided microfiber mitt to wipe it dry. Repeat with each leg.

The Paw Wash and Microfiber Mitt Combination is a great way to keep your dog and your house smelling good. Stop Fido from tracking mud and other dirt inside the house with the paw wash.