Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Keyboard


This Virtual Keyboard is compatible with smartphones, tablets, computers, and more! The virtual keyboard is sure to impress and features a comfortable, near fatigue-less way of entering data into various devices.

The revolutionary laser technology projects a virtual keyboard onto any flat surface, while the advanced optics track your finger movements like magic. This is the best virtual keyboard for smartphones on the market today.

The laser keyboard connects to your device using Bluetooth wireless technology. The provided rechargeable li-ion battery allows you to use the keyboard for up to 2 hours of continuous typing. Simply recharge the battery using the included USB cord.

Available in either green or red, the laser projection keyboard is bright enough to use during the day or at night.

This laser keyboard also helps reduce the ergonomic risk factors associated with other input alternatives by reducing strain on the wrists. Stop fat-fingering keys on your smartphone and get access the entire keyboard like you're sitting in front of your computer.