Waterproof Cell Phone Case

Waterproof Cell Phone Case


This Waterproof Cell Phone Case prevents any modern day smartphone from being destroyed by water when swimming, boating, and traveling. It also works great to stop drinks and other liquids from being spilled on it.

The case is a universal size and protects all large smartphones up to 5.3 inches, and digital cameras or MP3 players. Simply snap and lock the case and the crystal clear window on both sides allows you to take perfect pictures or clear videos like normal. The waterproof protection keeps the water out of your phone, while maintaining all of the full touchscreen functionality that you're accustomed to.

The Waterproof Cell Phone Case from FRIEQ is PX8 Certified to 100 feet. It works well with the latest high end mobile devices, including:

- iPhone 6, 5, 5C, 5S, 4
- Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3
- HTC One, One X, One X+
- Note 2, Note 3
- Nexus 4
- Droid Incredible
- Droid DNA
- Windows Phone 8X
- Nokia Lumia